Warranty Information

GSC Power-Division LLC warranty is limited to camshafts, valvetrain, and internal engine parts to be free from manufacturing defects. GSC Power-Division LLC's warranty is with the original purchaser of the product(s) and is valid for one (1) year from the initial date of shipment. GSC Power-Division LLC will not warranty any secondhand or transferred products from original purchaser. Warranty of product is void if sold under retail price or as a sales promotion. Warranty will be void on all products that show evidence of improper application or installation, abuse, lack of proper maintenance, alteration from the original configuration of the product, or not used in conjunction with matching components. GSC Power-Division LLC does not warranty camshafts when used in vehicles that are licensed to drive on public roads as well as non-automotive use of our line of automotive products. GSC Power-Division LLC tries to ensure that every item supplied is suitable for its specific, outlined application. GSC Power-Division LLC's Technical Department is available and should be contacted if any issues or questions arise prior to product install. GSC Power-Division LLC's obligation under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of GSC products solely at GSC Power-Division LLC’s discretion. No claim will be accepted without the prior approval of GSC Power-Division LLC and inspection of product at GSC. Returning products for inspection must include an RMA (return material authorization) number and any and all freight is the responsibility of the consumer. All camshafts manufactured by GSC Power-Division LLC are intended for off-road use only and should never be used on public roads. Use of GSC camshafts on public roads or in vehicles licensed to drive on public roads is strictly prohibited and all warranty is void.